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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  August 13, 2010 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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amendment. it involves illegal immigrants and their children born here in the u.s. fox 5 morning news continues right now. good morning. it is friday, august 13th, 2010, and there is breaking news out on the roadways. a jackknifed tractor-trailer making a mess of the inner loop in montgomery county, this as we're still getting some rain falling in the area and dozens of traffic signals are dark this morning. good friday morning, i'm allison see mour. steve has the day off. yeah, the severe weather that rolled through yesterday, we're still picking up the pieces from that. tucker is in now to tell us what we can expect. today i know it's been raining a little bit in some spots. >> sure has. but quieter weather, nothing like we had 24 hours ago. good morning, everybody. showers across the area. we'll get right to it. show you hd radar and some shower activity that's been falling for the bae better part of the night, so some wet roadways as you head out the
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door. but these showers and possible thunderstorms that we could see later today will not, will not amount to anything like we had during the day around here yesterday. late show you the bigger picture, the satellite and radar. a lot of cloud cover, a lot of cool air moving in from the north and east this morning. and our high temperatures later today will only top out in the low- to mid-80s and that's with a lot of cloud cover out there. so the weather pattern has definitely changed as we've had this cooler and somewhat dryer air move in. it's still going to be humid around here today, but at least the atmosphere will be a lot more stable than what we had yesterday during the morning hours. humidity way up today, 87%. winds out of the north and east at six miles per hour and our forecast calling for high temperatures in the low- to mid-80s with a lot of clouds. a few more showers in the forecast this morning, then we could see maybe a rumble of thunder, maybe an isolated thunderstorm later this afternoon with winds out of the east at 10 to 15 miles per hour. more details on that forecast and a look at the weekend and beaches coming up in a few minutes. let's get to julie, she has the latest on our traffic.
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>> reporter: a lot happening now with this jackknifed tractor-trailer. we showed you the shot a few moments ago. let me take you back to the scene, northbound 270 before you reach democracy boulevard, that's where we have the jackknifed tractor-trailer. traffic squeezes by using the left shoulder only. delays are forming back to river road in the direction of montrose road. a jackknifed tractor-trailer. this thing is l-shaped definitely here on that northbound spur. again, only the left lane getting through. if you are coming southbound on 270, your delays are building from at least falls road leaving rockville headed down to the spur, but no problems to report on the southbound side. still waiting for more help to arrive, we've got to straighten this guy. 270 jammed up badly from before river road. you can always continue over that curve, go to georgetown road, ride the ramps there and make your way back to montrose as well. again, only the left shoulder getting by. northbound 270 before democracy
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boulevard. taking it back inside, if you are traveling southbound i-95 and the main line, again, southbound headed intodale city, accident activity according to vdot according to this shot has the southbound lanes blocked. delays building from before 123 in the direction of the car rest area. look for delays in dale city, springfield on 395. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> julie, thanks. our big story this morning, cleanup from yesterday's severe storms across our area. check out this video here. a viewer uploaded it to fox 5 and it comes from james c. james shot this from walter reed army medical center as the storm was happening. yesterday we saw trees crashing into homes, cars trapped in flooding and residents left without flooding, mostly in montgomery county.
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power reporting 41,000 customers without power. dominion has about 800 customers in the dark in northern virginia. apart from crews working to get that power back on, it's going to be another day of cleanup for homeowners, downed trees and flash flooding caused quite a bit of damage in the area. a lot of it in montgomery county. jennifer davis joins us live from silver spring with more on our top story. boy, i'll tell ya, as the sun starts to come up, jennifer, we can really see the extent of the damage back behind you. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, this was a hard hit area. we're in a neighborhood called burnt mills and these folks have a lot to deal with this morning. still have a little bit of rain coming down, but that's the least of their issues. let me step aside and you can see all the debris in the middle of the street here. we're seeing this in a number of intersections around the area. tree removal crews just went through, but they bypassed this area. we understand there's bigger problems a couple of blocks away. there's a huge tree in someone's living room. here, though, we're dealing with downed power lines as well. you can see one of them is stretching out here in the street, so these drivers have a big object sickle course to
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get -- obstacle course to get around. the folks who live here in this house, the millers, boy, have they had it bad in the last few months. the car is a goner, all of the windows blown out. a tree hit it yesterday, the family said they heard all these sort of explosion noises between the power poles and trees hitting things, and believe it or not, this is not the first car that's been damaged in the last month. here's what mr. miller told us this morning. >> i got a picture of it while i was in a meeting at work. it came through on my blackberry, i almost fainted and this is the second car in less than a month, on july 25th when the big storm came through, i lost my hundai -- i didn't lose it, but a tree came through it and we had $6200 worth of damage. >> reporter: how's that for luck, right? the good news is their house is okay. he told me he can go pick up that first car that was damaged this morning because they're not going to be using that one
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anytime soon. now, once again, we have a power outage out here as well. pepco is saying the outages they're dealing with could take a couple of days to fix. this neighborhood was without power for three days last time in july. they're hoping it doesn't take that long to get the lights back on, but no one is exactly sure, so they're anticipating it could be a lot of lost food in the refrigerators once again, so just very difficult circumstances. they're ready for all of these storms to stop passing through their neighborhood. live in silver spring, jennifer davis, back to you guys. now to our other big story, the arrest of the alleged serial stabber accused of frightening a deadly crime spree in three states including northern virginia. authorities picked him up thursday at the airport in atlanta just minutes before boarding a plane with israel. what is his connection with leesburg, virginia and why had he been in custody of police before being let go? for more on that, we turn live to sherry lee at the leesburg
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police department. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, allison. as you mentioned, elias abuelazam almost got away. investigators had tracked him from michigan to that airport in atlanta, and he was at the gate when he was arrested. he is now charged with attempted murder in michigan, but more charges are expected in ohio and here in leesburg, virginia. police say abuelazam has been linked to 18 stabbings in assaults across three states. a tip led police to a market near flint that one of the employees resembled the suspect and drove the same type of vehicle. he told workers he was going to virginia. abuelazam live inside flint where the murders began in may and his ties to northern virginia, he lived in leesburg for about five years before moving away in 2007 and still had family here. police are investigating his possible connection to a neighbor's stabbing death last year that remains unsolved. in flint, friends are in disbelief. >> i'm shocked right now. he was a good guy.
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i mean, all of my employees would have never thought nothing about this guy. he was a friendly guy, he was a nice guy. >> i'm confident in saying we can place abuelazam in the northern virginia area during the time of our attacks. >> reporter: now, abuelazam was stopped by arlington police last week. they arrested him on a simple assault charge and a warrant in leesburg. but he was later let go. inside the car we're told police found a hammer and a knife. but at that time there were no lookouts yet for this serial stabber. his mother told an israeli radio station that her son is a religious god-fearing man and she believes that he is innocent. abuelazam also did a short stint in the louden county jail back in 2007. prosecutors say that he failed to disclose a previous felony when applying for a gun. he served about a month in jail
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we're told. no idea, prosecutors say, what he intended to do with that gun, but he did not get it. in leesburg, sherry lee, fox 5 news. >> thank you very much. lots of good new information there. also this morning, a search for suspects and two murders in prince georges county last night. a man was found shot to death in oxen hill. another man died from a shooting in landover. investigators are not saying much more about the victims nor whether they know who they're looking for. it is 7:00 now on this frid 13th. redskins fans are hoping the team has good luck tonight during the first preseason game of the year. >> we have a preview up next. plus we'll go one an one with rocky macintosh. and we'll take you to break, good friday morning, kennedy. he's our weather dog. he's already dressed and ready for tonight's game. stay with us, another check of traffic and weather, plus your
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welcome back at just about 7:13 now and sky fox over the scene of what looks to be a devastating house fire. looks like the flames might be out, but this is the aftermath in potomac, maryland. this is happying on cold brook avenue is where we find sky 5. >> yeah. the fire broke out about 6:20 this morning. as you can see, it appears to have devastated that home. one firefighter was taken to the hospital, not quite sure about the injuries yet, but, again, sky fox over the scene of a house fire. this is on cold brook avenue in potomac, maryland. i think it's raining in some spots too this morning. >> raining on my ride in pretty
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hard. >> yeah. some light rain showers, nothing like what we had around here yesterday. i really want to emphasize that. today should be a much quieter day. our atmosphere has become a lot more stable, so kwlter conditions here today. want to start with the beach forecast because it's still summertime. >> let's talk about something pleasant like the beach. >> let's talk about the beach, let's do that. okay. so, listen, later this afternoon, not going to be beautiful afternoon at the beach. we'll be mostly cloudy with some scattered showers. >> we're talking about the beach! >> it'll get better from there. saturday and sunday should be fine with a mix of sun and clouds and high temperatures actually a little cool, in the low- to mid-80s. check out water temperatures -- allison, can we do better than that? >> no, that's good. >> even in cape may highs in the upper 70s and low 80s. our weather, got some rain showers across the area. again, nothing like yesterday. our atmosphere is now stable, our winds are out of the east. this is a very interesting weather pattern because we've got high pressure now across northern new england, and our
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winds have shifted. they're out of the north and east. this is a pattern we might see in the early spring, sometimes in the winter, but not typically in the middle of august. it'll help hold temperatures down, it should keep us mostly cloudy today. we'll see a few showers work through the area, and, again, with the weather pattern changing here, our temperatures for the next couple days will not top out in the 90s. look at that, 80s for the weekend. 85, partly sunny tomorrow. could be some scattered thunderstorms returning by sunday and monday with highs near 90. but after the extreme temperatures, the extreme thunderstorms, this should be a quiet couple of days. >> should be nice. the humidity will still be up there, though. >> yeah, today. >> tucker, thanks so much. hopefully the roads are looking a little bit better this friday morning. let's head out and see how they are with julie wright. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you all. big tieup right now. we just showed you the live shot from the crew in sky 5. jackknifed tractor-trailer still in play there. only the left shoulder gets by. delays off the inner loop now back north of the american
7:16 am
allegiant bridge. this is a combination of rubbernecking delays and volume that has you on the brakes as you travel south of 28 and continue down towards the accident scene. so, again, off of 270 and onto the southbound spur, everything is open, it's simply due to rubbernecking delays and volume that you're slowing. southbound trying to make your way down towards the outer loop. here's the camera shot of 95 southbound at a car rest area. vdot is moving this around for us. what we know is there is at least two vehicles involved in this crash and a med vac helicopter has been requested to the scene. 95 is blocked right now north of the car rest area until this medivac helicopter takes off and then we'll be able to get some traffic through. delays on 95 southbound building between at occuquan. again, on the northbound side everything is open. traffic will slow as you continue across the occuquan and leaving springfield to edsville road. that's a check of your traffic. >> julie, thanks so much.
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wisdom has been really looking forward to this. we're a little less than 12 hours away from the redskins first game of the year. >> they take on the buffalo bills at 7:30 at fed ex field. dave ross is back in the studio with more on the game and someone to watch today. >> yes. you always watch donovan mcnabb. you see how albert hainesworth does, about there are other guys we should pay attention to. another guy that we should watch for, entering his fifth year here with the burgundy and gold, but sometimes he flies below the radar, that's because he's a tad quiet, but his play speaks loudly. today we reintroduce you to linebacker rocky macintosh. here with rocky macintosh, rock, thanks again, we appreciate it. it's hot out there. >> it is. >> reporter: for a miami guy, this heat doesn't bother you does it? >> no, we're out here all the time. it's a little more humid here than down there. >> reporter: tell us about this
7:18 am
3-4 defense. how does it affect you specifically, do you like the new defense? >> i like it a lot. i got a lot of more players focusing on me, go in there and blitz. a lot of guys will be coming free. you never know which ones they are because it's all the same look, so we're very excited about it. >> reporter: we talked to deangelo hall yesterday and he said it's one of those defenses where if you don't know what to do, just hit somebody. that's an aggressive defense. >> yeah, that's the motto of the linebacker. if you don't do anything else while you're out there, you go hit somebody. >> reporter: what do you like better, dropping back pass cutters or getting the other way? >> oh, man, you know what? in college i just loved knocking everybody out here. but here turnovers are big, so you definitely got to get that pick six. >> reporter: do you feel a difference, rocky, seems like the guys we've talked to the in the last couple of years at camp, are they excited about this? i know every year they say oh, this will be the year. but you getd the feeling things are brewing around here
7:19 am
>> a lot of stuff has changed around here. it's a business and we're taking this for real, man. we got a great shot, a great opportunity to do things and we want to take advantage of it. >> reporter: your situation personally, you're 100% healthy. we know you had some nicks and bruises, but we want to see rocky macintosh unleashed this year. >> i'm definitely healthy. i've been out there on the field every since when, man, i've never missed a nap. i'm going to -- a snap. i'm going to give it 110%. >> [ indiscernable ] >> oh, man, they say that i'm a little mummabler out here, they say when we're communicating they can't hear me. coach, i don't know what he's saying. >> do you do that on purpose to keep everybody off guard? >> no, no. maybe i just don't get it out. >> what's the nickname. >> come on, mumbls, come on. >> i don't know, man, i like rock, it's more solid.
7:20 am
>> that's a little bit more better. >> reporter: we appreciate you taking the time. >> no problem. >> reporter: thanks, rock. >> so, again, we've had mum bles for macintosh, truck stick for johnson and sexy rexy for rex grossman. >> i don't like mumbles. >> he's too big and strong. >> he's got a great smile. >> he's very quiet, but when you get him in a one-on-one setting, he's great. >> muscly. >> mr. muscle. >> i tell will him you ladies like mr. muscle. >> dave, thank you. it's 7:20 right now on this friday morning. up next we're going to take a look at a new poll out this morning about the 14th amendment. >> it involves illegal immigrants and their children born here in the united states. also with 50-plus states at 90 degrees or above, we need a way to cool off.
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welcome back. 7:23 right now. virginia's governor is officially asking the federal government to deputiz state officials so they can question about immigration status. the governor set a letter to homeland security secretary janet napolitano. he says it would improve safety in the commonwealth and federal agency that is don't have enough manpower. some americans are questioning whether the 14th amendment which includes the citizenship clause should be excluded to include children of illegal immigrants. >> it was taken from a new rasmussen poll and carolyn takes a look. >> i actually feel like they treat her as a criminal because they know that she hasn't done nothing, but -- >> reporter: 19-year-old claudia is talking about her mother, an illegal immigrant deported to mexico last september, leaving
7:25 am
claudia to take care of three younger siblings. >> i have been upset this whole couple months. >> reporter: claudia and her siblings were born in the usa, many call them anchor babies since their parents were illegal immigrants. but thanks to the 14th amendment to the u.s. constitution, the children are american citizens. >> once you're a citizen of the united states, you're entitled under the protection clause to the same rights and amenities as any other citizen of the united states. >> reporter: the 14th amendment became the law of the land just after the civil war. it was designed to grant equal rights to freed slaves and declares that all persons born or naturalized in the united states and subject to the jurisdiction thereof are citizens of the united states. >> because it came right after the civil war, there was basically a purpose in defining that birth right citizenship in a way that really couldn't be tinkered with. >> reporter: now, as the national debate over illegal immigration heats up, some want to change the 14th amendment
7:26 am
to prevent so-called anchor babies from automatically becoming citizens. >> my feeling is if you come to my house and decide to have a baby, i have no obligation to keep that baby in my house. and that's what this amounts to. >> reporter: a majority of americans seem to agree. according to a new rasmussen reports poll released first to fox news, 58% of americans say anchor babies should not automatically become citizens. 34% say they should. >> the american people place a high value on citizenship, that they think there is something special in that perhaps the government is not valuing it enough or protecting the value of it enough. >> reporter: but what if anchor babies grow up here, attend college or enlist in the u.s. military? 28% say they should be given citizenship if they complete two years of college, but 64% say they should be given citizenship if they serve two years in the military. >> once you come here and you obey the laws and you protect this country, you work for it and you build it, you have to
7:27 am
be entitled to be part of it. >> reporter: changing the constitution is difficult and time consuming. it requires a 2/3 vote in both houses of congress. but approval by 3/4 of the state legislation. >> that's incredibly difficult to do. >> reporter: as far as claudia is concerned, she's hoping she and her siblings will some day be reunited with her mom here in america. >> my hope is so she could come back because we really need her. coming up next, an update on today's top story, yesterday's severe weather. we'll talk to pepco how it's dealing with the power outages. we hope you'll join us monday morning to learn about opportunities for you to become a mentor to a young person, even if you have just an hour or so to spare a can make a big difference. several people pr from different mentoring groups will fit you with a volunteering group that's just right for you. we'll be right back. co
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we're back with another check on our weather. thankfully, hopefully, too, it's going to be a much better day shaping up than yesterday. because this time yesterday we were right in the thick of things. >> we sure were. it'll be improved in that we're not going to have severe weather
7:31 am
around here today. we've got a lot of clouds in the forecast, a cooler day with some rain showers kind of on and off again throughout the day. so it's not going to be perfect, but with high temperatures only in the low- to mid-80s, i'm going to be happy. >> no jet ack sky. >> no darkness. >> right. no hail coming down. >> we'll take it. >> you got it. there are some rain showers out there, and they've been very persistent, that's the word i've been usi the last hour or so right across the district, been kind of hanging tough on the east side of the beltway, 50 getting some light rain showers and another band 66 south and west of leesburg. you get the idea. no severe weather, no yellows or red on the maps this morning. just some light rain showers. our winds have changed, our weather pattern has changed. finally that cooler air start to go move in. and with winds out of the east here today, we're really going to keep things on the cooler side, as i just mentioned with temperatures only, get this, only in the low- to mid-80s. haven't done that too much in the past month. let's push on. i'll show you the satellite and radar. the reason temperatures will be cool, high pressure off to the north and east. it's anchored up across
7:32 am
sections of northern new england and our winds have shifted. this pattern not very typical for the middle of august as the winds have shifted. and with that onshore flow, those of you that follow weather know that the cool ocean temperatures has a tendency to keep our air temperatures cooler this afternoon. so not expecting 90s for the next couple of days as we'll have winds out of the east later this afternoon. we are expecting a lot of clouds and the possibility of more showers in the forecast, perhaps a thunderstorm a little later this afternoon. if we can get any sunshine at all. but generally with a weather pattern that's a little more stable, no severe weather here the next couple of days. kind of your run-of-the-the- mill popup thunderstorms. 73 at reagan national, 70 in gaitersburg. quantico got a temperature of 75 to start your morning. 77 in annapolis. so temperatures much cooler than they were yesterday at this hour. in fact, yesterday at this hour, they fell about 10 degrees with the passage of those thunderstorms. big kickoff tonight, redskins start a new era and there you go, redskins at bills, mostly cloudy skies, might be a
7:33 am
sprinkle or shower at kickoff at 7:30 with an air temperature of about 80 degrees. so generally speaking should be a fine night for football out at -- what do we call that these days? fed ex field. 84 degrees, mostly cloudy skies, scattered showers, maybe a thunderstorm in the forecast, winds out of the east at about 10 to 15 miles per hour. and the five-day forecast as we get into nighttime hours, the clouds will stick around with a couple light showers. the weekend not bad. tomorrow looks fine, partly sunny, 85. sunday could be some late day thunderstorms, but notice air temperatures here for the weekend only in the middle 80s. so that'll be nice. let's look at the forecast, and get to on time traffic and julie has the latest. >> reporter: a lot going on right now. the crew in sky fox back with us, checking out the commute along 270. that's where we have the jackknifed tractor-trailer northbound before you reach democracy boulevard. let's go live to the scene. actually, nothing changed since we showed you this 15 or 20 minutes ago. we do have state police on the scene, still waiting for them to hook this up and get it out of the roadway. traffic coming northbound can only squeeze by using the left
7:34 am
shoulder only. delays build back to the george washington parkway. we have another four, 4 1/2- mile backup right now, off the inner loop of the beltway trying to get up that northbound spur. bumper-to-bumper slow on the northbound side with only that left shoulder getting by. if you are coming southbound on 270, we'll take it inside and show you that delay. from shady grove road, trying to get past 28, all that rubbernecking delay continues down to democracy boulevard. the medivac helicopter come and gone according to police, but the main line of i-95 blocked off south of dale city because of this serious crash. they're now allowing some traffic to get by using the surface roadway only, but the main line still closed and jammed up badly from morton. another five-mile backup southbound on i-95 as you work your way into dale city. northbound delays coming across the occuquan and slowing in springfield. that's a check of your traffic. >> julie, thanks a lot. we've been talking about it all morning, tens of thousands of people still don't have any
7:35 am
power. >> pepco is reporting about 39,000 customers in the dark right now. dominion virginia has about 750 outages in virginia. hard-hit pepco customers in montgomery county dealing with their third round of outages in just a few weeks. they're really asking when will the lights be back on. joining us now with hopefully some answers is pepco spokesperson bob haney. good morning, bob. that's the question of the morning. >> good morning. we appreciate the patience of our customers. right now we're looking at actually about 37,000 customers still out, about 32,000 in montgomery county, 1400 in prince george's county and about 1300 in the district of colombia. and as far as the universal estimates for restoring power, we hope to get everybody back on by midnight tonight. now, as far as individual estimated times of restoration, customers should call
7:36 am
1-877-pepco-62. and they should be able to get an individual estimated time of restoration. >> bob, while you were talking, we were showing video of the kind of damage these storms left behind with downed power lines and the trees just right in the middle of roads and even homes, and you said that you're thankful for customers' patience, but let me tell ya, there are a lot of people who are losing patience, who are saying, come on, i know we had severe storms, i know that this is sort of unprecedented to have this stuff just in the last couple of weeks, but give me a break, you're a big power company, you can do a better job of getting our power back on more quickly. >> this is the pancake effect because we have had these storms and we have done the best job possible in getting the power back on. understand, we already had crews in place yesterday morning, and then our full work crew came on, and we brought on extra contractors and we've got mutual assistants coming in.
7:37 am
and that's the same thing we did with this storm back in july. we already had crews on, we knew that the storm -- we had just a little bit of warning that the storm was coming, so we held people and we got people in here as soon as possible. so what's happening is, of course, you've got these back-to-back storms. we had one on that sunday and then that following thursday and then august the 5th, but now you've got one, yeah, we understand that the customers are tired. but understand this, with the storms that we've had, for instance, no amount of, say, tree trimming would have -- if you're looking at those photographs, those are whole trees that have come down, trees that have been snapped in half, trees that were dragging power lines up and down the street, so that's why we're getting out there and we're going to get our customers back on. >> i know you are, and i appreciate, you know, what you all are doing and i'm sure the customers do too. we have to let you go in just a second, however, is there anything the power company can do to make sure the next time around we have storms like this
7:38 am
that maybe things get back online a little more quickly for people, whether it has to do with your substations or anything like that? >> what we're doing is, again, we have people who are highly capable, and we call for mutual assistance immediately, and what we do is if we have any kind of warning, we hold crews and we have those crews ready to hit the streets. >> bob haney, thank you so much. we really appreciate you joining us this morning. >> you're welcome. >> it's been tough for everybody, especially the power crews out there working too. >> it sure has been. it's now 7:38, and on this friday morning we have another look at your weekend weather. hopefully a lot better than what we saw yesterday. and take a look at traffic too. a big name rocker comes to the jiffylube venue live this weekend and you have the chance to catch a show for free. we're talking about tom petty and the heartbreakers sunday
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welcome back. it is now 7:42 and he's here again. seems like he was just here. >> i was. >> we can't get enough. >> we don't want a repeat of yesterday. it's muggy outside to start this day and we're seeing some showers. >> we have the humidity still, we don't have the heat and we
7:43 am
don't have the problems with the thunderstorms rolling through the area, so it's greatly improved over yesterday. today's forecast generally will be a good one. it's going to be cool out there, and we're going to have some clouds around with on again off again rain showers, so it's not going to be a perfect afternoon, but at least we're not dealing with severe weather. check out the 60s on the map this morning. look at that. 66 in boston, 69 in new york city, up there in manhattan, 67 in pittsburgh. so that's the cooler air. i point that out to you because generally speblging our flow here in the atmosphere is out of the north and northeast, so the cooler temperatures are going to try to get in here over the next couple of days. our high temperature later this afternoon will only be in the low- to mid-80s. and, you know, we've had 90s day after day after day the last couple of months, so low- to mid-80s will feel kind of cool for some us, julie wright. satellite radar, a few showers across the region, again, a few 10ths of an inch of rain during the course of the day. could be a late afternoon thunderstorm if we can generate any sunshine at all, but generally speaking, i think it's going to be a mostly cloudy day with the cool temperatures, and our winds out of the east.
7:44 am
that is unusual for this time of the year. taking a look at the five-day forecast, as we get into the evening hours tonight, overnight lows, back near about 70, and setting us up for a decent weekend. tomorrow's daytime high in the mid-80s and a little warmer by sunday with a better chance of a scattered afternoon thunderstorms sunday and monday than saturday. >> all right. >> good? >> appreciate it. >> no creamery for the next couple of days. thanks so much. julie, tucker mentioned you might be a little upset because the temps are a little bit cooler. we're talking about mid-to high 80s instead of the 90s. >> reporter: a little on the cool side this morning when i stepped out of the car. but, no, tucker, i did not use the seat warmers in my car. >> not yet. >> reporter: not yet. i wait until it gets about 70. it is a busy ride southbound along 270, both the locals and the maybe line headed south from shady grove road, all of this traffic heading down to the accident which occurred on the northbound side. northbound 270 before democracy boulevard, that's where we have the jackknifed tractor-trailer, allowing traffic to squeeze by,
7:45 am
single file to the left. delays that are beginning back to the gw parkway. a good five-mile backup now. also the inner loop on 270. this is our other big story where sky fox is enroute, weather permitting, an accident at the car rest area. medivac helicopter has come and gone from the main line. under police direction, it looks like they may be allowing some of the traffic in the main line to continue, but then they move stuff around and block it off again. they had some traffic on the service road squeezing by. but delays on southbound 95 building from lorton. pick up route 1, it's the alternate route southbound towards fredricksburg. that's a check of your traffic. >> julie, thanks so much. coming up on this next monday morning, we're giving you a chance to find a volunteering opportunity that can make a big difference in a young person's life. we'll be hosting a mentoring phone bank, and one of the organizations that can use your time is big brothers big sisters. this morning we want to introduce you to one young woman who answered the call. >> you guys did horseback
7:46 am
riding? >> it some. >> reporter: at first glance, they seem an unlikely pair, the beautiful southern blonde woman and a blind girl from mexico. >> did you meet new people, though? >> yeah, a lot of new people and made a lot of new friends. >> reporter: but when you get beyond first impressions, you realize these two have more in common than you might first think. >> we talk about problems i have with friends, and she gives me advice, and we also talk about, like, boys and other stuff. >> reporter: the stuff that sisters might talk about. in fact, courtney and igshell are sisters matched between big brothers and big sisters two years ago. >> my mind ran with what is this 11-year-old girl think about me because i feel like i'm not going to be cool enough to hang out with her. >> reporter: that first meeting is etched in igshell's memory too. >> i was, like, she's pretty and we started talking about pop music and what we liked and stuff. >> reporter: they haven't
7:47 am
stopped talking since. they now hang out on weekends. >> i don't have to travel any time for a while, so that's good. >> as long as you get to stay here, i don't care. >> reporter: we should think about what we want to do this weekend. >> i don't know. i'm really up for anything. >> reporter: doing anything from eating out. >> do you still want vanilla bean? i think i'm a vanilla bean gal too. we'll take two of those. >> reporter: to listening to music. >> i feel like they step it up. >> yeah, they do. >> reporter: >> they need another hit. >> reporter: or going to the movies or concerts. >> we saw "twilight," that was fun. >> reporter: did you like that? >> yes. >> she's a big "twilight" fan. >> reporter: the two have also built a level of trust that might not otherwise have been there since both were reared by single mothers. >> i've told courtney all of my problems and she'll just tell me how to resolve them. >> who else has told you that before? life's not fair, get used to it. it's not easy and it's not fair. >> reporter: courtney lovingly pushes and encouraging igshell
7:48 am
to succeed. >> she's helped me a lot. she's helped me build self-confidence and when we eat and i don't want to try some things, she makes me do it. >> reporter: what is a busy married career woman like courtney get out of the relationship? >> there are some things that i think, oh, gosh, i don't want to do this today or it's often tough and i will think about her and how challenging it would be for her, and that suddenly puts it in perspective. it's given me a lot of courage, i think, in a lot of situations both personally and at work. >> again, you can make a difference just like courtney. please join us monday morning for "mentoring monday," the people who are going to be manning our phone bank will be able to find a volunteer opportunity that's just right for you, even if you don't think you have a lot of time to give. they were darlin'. everybody that we interviewed, just great. and the big difference it makes is really clear. >> right. you can feel their closeness. i love it. >> that's nice. 7:48, 73 degrees on this friday the 13th.
7:49 am
are you superstitious? >> i am. coming up after 8:00, we'll talk to you the new executive director of the national council of negro women. back at 7:00, we'll check back in with holly who found a good way to keep cool on this friday morning. holily, this dij@ vu all over again? >> i feel like i'm in "groundhog day." we're going to get through it today. no storms outside. actually feels like winter where we are as we're live at ice crystals this morning. if you want to beat the heat, you gotta chill out. it's what we're doing literally. we'll take an ice sculpting 101 lesson next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. guys remember,
7:50 am
we're a solar system. mars is down...and... um, it's only 10am. who hasn't had their jimmy dean breakfast this morning? mmmm! now lets orbit i feel awesome. you're all awesome. jimmy dean breakfast sandwiches, fight the morning fade.
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7:52 am
we're back at 7:52 right now on this friday the 13th. chances are you're getting kind of sick of the heat. >> so today our holly morris has found a way to stay even cooler than just her normal personality is. she is at ice crystals in monesan, virginia. >> reporter: these really are amazing. i wanted to show you two ladies. remember this? this is called a polar fleece. we haven't had to use these in quite some time, right? >> what are those on your
7:53 am
hands? >> reporter: exactly. these new found things called gloves. they work in here. >> weird. >> reporter: yeah, i know. you're in a place that's 24 degrees, i think that's the temperature of the freezer we're in. of course, it needs to be this cold when you're keeping ice, something as beautiful as this in its form, something someone has worked quite some time on to make it into a piece of art. the person that does this is chris wire. he is with ice crystals. he joins me. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning. >> reporter: thank you for having us again. we're happy to be back. so tell me a little bit about the ice sculpting business. >> it's actually a pretty interesting business and i'm sort of privileged to be able to work in this business and be creative everyday. but this last year has been sort of a difficult challenge economy wise. it seems like everyone is ordering last minute instead of ordering months in advance. >> reporter: that's interesting. you'd think maybe they weren't ordering at at all, but they're ordering at the last second and that puts you guys in a rush. >> it is a challenge scheduling delivery and then trying to get
7:54 am
it sculpted because i know today we'll probably get orders for tomorrow. >> reporter: all the fox 5 viewers that are watching are going to be placing orders, right? >> exactly. >> reporter: tell us about working in this medium. how difficult is it to sculpt ice? >> it's actually a nice thing to sculpt in the freezer because nothing is melting. different times of the year we might sculpt outside of the freezer, but it sort of gives a different finish of the sculpture. you can see different sculptures out here have been water bathed because they were sculpted outside of the freezer. if we sculpt inside the freezer, it's still sort of a neat effect. >> reporter: yeah, it is really cool. so we can find snow in august. >> yes, absolutely. >> reporter: at least here. so let's talk about tools of the trade and how you go about doing what you do. >> sure. usually we get rid of all the rough ice that we don't need. just take off the pieces that don't incorporate the design. this is actually going to be a liquor luge, double track and this criss crosses in the back and comes out down below 0.
7:55 am
>> reporter: cool. >> we can place anybody's corporate logo on the front so it can represent -- we can replicate the logo exactly. >> reporter: so when you're chipping away there, how do you not chip too much? >> that's a good question right there. i mean, it's just years -- more than 10 years, you just know how much pressure, not to break into the important piece here and just get rid of the ice you don't need. >> reporter: that's pretty good. you make it look so easy. how long have you been doing this? >> 15 years. i was a chef prior to doing this. >> reporter: oh, really. >> yes, i was. >> reporter: what other things do you use to make it fine? >> all unique ice cutting here, this is for the detail that you saw me using before, very aggressive sanders and, of course, the chain saw does all the hard work for you. >> reporter: so, now, how does it work? can you keep working on this? >> yes, we can. >> reporter: as you talk to us? this is like a return client, right? you do this every year?
7:56 am
>> this is the first year we've done the crab and beer festival, so it's sort of exciting. >> reporter: time to get a new client, so the pressure is on because you want it to be a return client, right? so on average how long would you spend working on this? >> depending on the piece, usually it might take an hour for most regular pieces and up to five hours if it's something like a -- human anatomy is very difficult. >> reporter: how long would that last? i guess it depends on where it's going and if it's going to be outside. >> there's a lot of variables, inside or outside. even under an air conditioning vent will make it melt. this will last probably six hours, no problem. the liquor luge will last a lot longer than that. most luges will last eight hours, they'll completely pour through the night. >> reporter: that's really cool. is our website if you want to find out more about the difficult sculptures that they offer. now, coming up in our next hour, they have done a special sculpture just for us and we're going to put the finishing touches on it as we pretend --
7:57 am
continue to pretend like it's winter here, at least in our cooler. >> no, we don't want to pretend it's winter, but we are enjoying the ice sculptures, that's for sure. >> thanks, holly. after 8:00, we'll check out the fun and mostly free family-friendly event coming up this weekend. we're dishing the real dirt on "the real house wives of d.c." and all the drama. stay with us. we will right back. [ female announcer ] new pillsbury sweet moments molten brownie bowls
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8:00 am
we're learning more about the serial stabbing suspect whose alleged crime spree stretched from michigan to northern virginia. how did police track him down and what do we know about his motives. we're live in leesburg, the site of three of his alleged attacks. 24 hours now from yesterday's storm, we ae cleaning up. trees are in roads, they're in homes. they've taken down power lines. tens of thousands of homes and businesses are still in the dark. we're live in one of the hardest hit areas surveying the damage. then we're dishing the dirt on "the real housewives of d.c.." we'll take a look at tonight's
8:01 am
show and the behind-the scenes drama. >> i'm happy to be working with you today. >> my pleasure. everybody in the morning is all so happy and nice, even though it's really early in the morning. it's all good, though. i like being here. >> no drama on this show at all. >> not in the past hour. >> hey, good morning, tucker, good morning to you as well. >> allison, good morning to you. >> yesterday was a rough ride. today we're hoping for more smooth sailing. >> it will be smooth sailing. we've got some rain showers out there right now, but the air mass is lower and more stable than yesterday. bottom line, it's going to be humid out there and cloudy, but not dealing with severe storms in today's forecast. we had the record high temperatures all week, near 100 for a couple of days and then, of course, yesterday. so today a nice transition. >> don't talk about several weeks ago with the earthquake. >> earthake. let's go back to the blizzard. >> what's going on today? >> let's just say i'm building an arc. max hd radar, you got some light rain showers across the area. again, this is nothing compared
8:02 am
to what we had around here yesterday, fredricksburg, some light showers, 95, up 270, up towards fredrick we're seeing some light rain shower activity, all part of our new air mass. this is a new and improved air mass and it will give us cooler temperatures today and a breeze out of the east, so that's a little unusual. take a look at these temperatures or at least here at reagan national, we've got a temperature of 74 degrees. that hasn't budged in hours. that humidity way up, 87%. we got a combination of a very moist atmosphere and a lot of rain that has fallen in the past 24 hours. yesterday at bw marshall over 2 1/2 inches of rain. you get the idea there's currently a lot of water in the soil. winds out of the north and east at 13 miles an hour. our forecast, not perfect, but not terrible either, much cooler, high of 84 degrees, showers, maybe a thunderstorm later today, but we would not expect any thunderstorms that develop to become severe today. >> that's good news. >> the weekend forecast gets a little better coming up. >> thanks, tucker. let's check in now with julie wright and findous what's going on the roads.
8:03 am
what's going on? >> reporter: everybody is talking this morning, it is a mess out there. if you are traveling southbound along 270, right now you're about a 12-mile backup leaving the village headed down towards democracy boulevard. that's where the accident occurred on the northbound side of the highway involving a jackknifed tractor-trailer. only the left shoulder is getting through. as a result, delays are stacking up from 66, coming across the american allegiant bridge towards democracy boulevard. the inner loop alone, you're looking at a 10 to 11-mile backup, heading onto the northbound 270 spur and, again, only the left lane is able to get through. traveling southbound 95, medivac helicopter come and gone here in dale city. traffic squeezing by using the left side only. some are able to get through on the service route. pick up route 1 as the alternate. this is the trip southbound on the george washington parkway, working your way past national airport. we spoke with park police, they say they don't have anything reported at this time, but definitely a sign of the commute. southbound on the gw parkway, northbound traffic slows closer
8:04 am
to 395. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> julie, thanks. our big story this morning, cleanup from yesterday's severe storms across our area and check this out, a viewer uploaded this video to us here at fox 5. this comes in from viewer named james c. james shot this from walter reed army medical center as the storm was happening. yesterday we saw trees crashing into homes, cars trapped in flooding, residents left without power, mostly in montgomery county. right now pepco is reporting 37,000 customers without power. dominion has 860 customers in the dark in northern virginia. we're as frustrated as they are, you know, to be quite honest, to rebuild the system three times in 2 1/2 weeks. you know, it has not been an easy task for us. >> it can't cost more to send a crew around, even if it's one crew that travels in the montgomery area all year long doing nothing but priming and trimming trees back and everything else.
8:05 am
you can't tell me that costs more than sending out 12 or 24 emergency crews to work overtime shifts for days at a time to try to get the system back up and running. >> maryland's public service commission has called for a hearing for next tuesday to look more into the reliability of pepco because the long-lasting outages in the wake of our recent storms. apart from crews working to get the power back on, it will be another day of cleanup for many homeowners. downed trees and some flash flooding caused quite a bit of damage in the region. fox 5's jennifer davis joins us live now in silver spring with more on our top story. jennifer. >> reporter: good morning. folks in this neighborhood, it's called the burnt mills area. they're waking up without power yet again. this happened to them last month too and they had a lot of damage. as you can see, there is a ton of damage for folks to pick up this morning. we've seen some tree crews coming through. there is a lot they're going to have to do. take a look at some video we shot this morning, a really incredible story with this one homeowner here on the corner, the miller family.
8:06 am
you can see a tree smashed into their minivan. the roof of the minivan is now sitting in the driver's seat. all the windows blown out. they think that minivan is probably a total loss. the crazy thing is they had a car parked in the same spot a month ago when that last storm came through. that one a tree ended up in the window, it's been in the shop ever since. they got downed power lines here, we have power poles that are snapped and just literally still hanging over the road, debris all over the place. it's making it very difficult for richard aquilones to get through. here's -- very difficult for drivers to get through. here's what mr. miller had to say. >> a large tree came through the living room of the house. they've got the big tree in their living room right now and it's a disaster. it's just -- it's a mess. there are power lines down everywhere. >> reporter: and those power lines that are down causing real problems not just hear, but all over montgomery county. montgomery county police tell us right now they have 62 traffic signals without power. keep that in mind as you're heading out this morning and also keep in mind this debris is really difficult to get through
8:07 am
a lot of intersections. there's another one we can see a little farther down where the tree is blocking the entire road. you can't get through at all. so expect that if you head out today, it may take you a little longer to get around and you'll need to be very careful. live in silver spring, jennifer davis, back to you guys. >> jennifer, thaup for that report. mplgs there was a big scare for parents in chevy -- chefy chase when this tree slammed into a baby's room. he was taken to national medical center to be checked out, but he wasn't hurt. more trees and wires are down along ellington drive where this family lives. police in atlanta make an arrest in the serial stabbing spree. elias abuelazam is suspected of carrying out the stabbings which included attacks in northern virginia. so far he's only facing one charge of attempted murder in michigan. let's get more now on this case. fox 5's sheri lee is outside the leesburg police department with more. sheri, good morning. >> reporter: good morning,
8:08 am
allison. investigators from leesburg have been in atlanta to question this suspect, and it's anticipated that charges will eventually be filed here. now, police received more than 500 tips, one that led them to elias abuelazam, a man with ties to flint, michigan, as well as to leesburg here where he once lived. it was just last week that he was stopped also in arlington county and arrested on an outstanding simple assault warrant, but at that time there was no nationwide search, no description of a vehicle, and he was let go. abuelazam is now charged with one count of attempted murder in michigan. more charges are expected to come there as well as in virginia and ohio. tips led investigators to a market near flint where abuelazam worked. employees say he claimed he was going to virginia. police say he went on a stabbing spree, wounding 13 people and killing five others in michigan, ohio and leesburg. the 33-year-old lived in
8:09 am
leesburg up until 2007. neighbors say he didn't show any propensity for violence. one neighbor now wonders if her father's unsolved stabbing death last year could be connected. >> he seemed to be very nice and outgoing. i mean, he spoke, he spoke to my dad all the time. >> he seemed all right at the time, but i hadn't been with him day in and day out. >> reporter: are you shocked? >> very much so, the whole family is shocked. >> reporter: abuelazam is being held in atlanta awaiting extradition to michigan. he is an israeli citizen who is a legal resident in the u.s. and got the $3,000 ticket to tel aviv from his uncle. now, leesburg police have said that they believe these attacks are racially motivated, almost all of the victims in michigan, ohio and here in virginia were black men. but investigators in michigan so far are not making that connection. that's the latest here in leesburg, allison, back to you.
8:10 am
>> thank you so much. it is now 8:09 and 73 degrees outside on this friday morning. a few months back, we marked the passing of civil rights pioneer dr. dorothy heights. her work goes on. up next, we'll talk to the new executive director of the council of negro women. as we take you to break, if you're looking for work, you should look at our job shop. our job of the day is at national academy for state health policy. it is looking for a technology coordinator in the d.c. office. for more on this job and many others go to and click on the job shop tab. you'll find that on the top of our home page. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] are you watching cable?
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one more reason to make advil your #1 choice. caltrate delivers 1200 mg calcium plus vitamin d to help reduce your risk of osteoporosis. it's never too late for caltrate. and now big news -- the same caltrate comes in a new, smaller, easy to swallow pill. big name rocker comes to jiffylube live this weekend. you have a chance to catch the show for free. we're talking about tom petty and the heartbreakers performing sunday night. to win a pair of tickets to the show, all you have to do to get your name in the hat is correctly answer the trivia question that's on your screen. here it is. what was the name of tom
8:14 am
petty's band before he formed the heartbreakers? was it the traveling wilberies, the sundowners or mud crunch? >> good men and women names. to enter, all you have to do is go to our website, and find it on our entertainment page. you can read all the contest rules there, and, remember, you must be at least 18-year-old. four winners will be selected by random drawing today. the prize is is provided by live nation entertainment. >> good luck with that. now, this is the time of the day that we get to take a break from the news and look at someone's gorgeous little, you know, son, daughter, grandson, granddaughter, relative, friend, whatever. we like to call it the cuteness factor. >> let's go. tucker is not cute. >> well, he's kind of cute, but the baby usually kind of upstages him. >> all right. most times it does. >> time for the cool factor of the day. my first fox photo of the day. this is malik. >> what's going on malik.
8:15 am
>> he is celebrate his -- celebrating his first birthday today. accolades to malik. >> i'm going to with a handsome man. how about handsomeness? is that good? >> that's fine. were you that cute on your first birthday? >> no. i'm not that cute now. >> it's hard to compete with malik, though. >> malik has a bright future. >> i think so too. >> he's got a shirt he can grow into a little bit too. just a little bit. >> he's perfect. >> he is perfect, absolutely. malik, i hope you have a great one today. if you want to hit around at the playground this afternoon, you might need a rain jacket as we'll have rain showers across the area. let's get a look at our satellite and radar, and you can see a lot of cloud cover. our air mass has done a 180 from yesterday and we're talking about some cooler conditions out there. still a lot of humidity, but on-again-off-again rain showers throughout the day as our winds now have shifted and they're out of the east.
8:16 am
a closer look, you can see the cloud cover a little bit lingering here off to the north and northeast. getting some rain showers up towards philadelphia and new york. and what's happening here is our area of high pressure is parked across new england. so our winds are going to be out of the east here for the next couple of days and that's going to help hold these temperatures down. check out these temperatures. here in washington now we're 73. but we've actually gt 60s on the map for the first time in what seems like weeks. 69 in pittsburgh, 68 to start the morning in boston, 68 out in columbus, ohio. so going to be a cooler day, no doubt about it as we get into the afternoon with a couple of scattered showers. 84 for your afternoon high today. this weekend not bad, mid-80s, could be a scattered thunderstorm second half of sunday. by monday and tuesday we start to warm up with highs 90 by tuesday. that's a look at the forecast. now i'm going to throw it to traffic with julie wright. julie. >> reporter: tucker, yeah, we're switching cameras around in here, trying to get a better look at what's happening out there on the roads. let's start first off by showing you the crew in sky 5. again,
8:17 am
this morning we are dealing with tieups because of trees down across the highway. and over in montgomery village, that's where we have a couple of incidents to talk about. if you are traveling along whiteman road southbound, approaching goeshen, so south of 124 out near the country club, this is where they had a tree down. some traffic sxwezzing by using the left turn lane only. again, if you're traveling southbound on whiteman, this is what you're going to find, traffic squeezing by using the left turn lane. not much of a delay at this point. 124 is open for business. this is whiteman at goeshen with a tree down. that's what they're in the process of doing is clearing all this mess up not only in gaitersburg, but in silver spring, a lot of our secondary roads, that's what we're waking up this morning noticing all this tree debris. across the bridge, heavy volume from conviction headed -- 66 headed up towards 270. two lanes open working your way past the jackknifed tractor-trailer. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you so much, julie. the black family reunion is coming up soon and this year's 25th annual celebration will
8:18 am
include a special tribute to the late dorothy hites civil rights activist and long time leader of the national council of negro women. after her passing, the council searched for new leadership and has now appointed its youngest-ever executive. she has a strong political and policy background, especially on issues of race and gender. joining us now is avis jones deweaver, the new director of the executive council of negro women. thanks for coming in early this morning and talking to us. >> good morning. my pleasure to be here. >> the next big event coming up. tell us about that. >> actually, the next big event is actually next week. we're going to have a candidates' forum right at the national headquarters of seventh and pennsylvania. we've invited all the mayoral candidates. we're inviting the public to come out and get a look at their candidates before they make an informed decision. and after that, of course, is our 25th annual black family reunion, september 11th, a one-day huge megafestival. we're starting the day off right
8:19 am
with prayer breakfast with yolanda evans and reverend al sharpton. we'll have regina bell, we'll be having others. so come out and enjoy it. we'll have a great day of family fun and festivities.>>lation talk about you. you're the new executive director. >> yes. >> tell me about your mission going forward after dr. dorothy hite such a great leader. now you have to follow in her footsteps. it's going to be tough, but it's a job you have to do to move forward. >> those aren't footsteps, those are craters. i'm so honored and blessed to learn from her and xwlen a little bit of her wisdom. we look forward to carrying on and carrying on the relevance of impact in communities all across this nation with a special focus on the issues of economic empowerment, expanding educational opportunity and excellence and also, frankly, making sure that our families have access to quality healthcare for women and for families. so those are the three issues that we're primarily concernd about in terms of our looking forward. >> now, you talked about some of those issues, are those the
8:20 am
challenges, the main challenges that you will face as the director and as the organization moves ahead? >> sure. we see those as key community-building issues. frankly, we have been in the business of building community for some 75 years now. as we look toward the future, we think there's no reason to stop. if anything, there's only reason to redouble our efforts and do more. >> tell us about your political background. you have a little bit of politics going on on your resume. >> a little bit. i've had a wonderful opportunity in my life to work with a number of amazing people. i've spent some time at the joint center for political studies, the black caucus foundation, the institute for women's policy research, even the great delegate pete rol rollings of maryland. and, of course, dr. dorothy hite takes preemnans. >> she meant so much to so many people as leader of this organization. the legacy that she leaves behind, talk a little bit about that because she may be gone, but not forgotten, as we say with a lot of our great
8:21 am
leaders. >> of course not. what really to me is most inspiring about dr. hite is that she showed by example what it means to dedicate one's life to the ideals of justice and equality both race and gender. she really was a stalworth and a visionary in those issues and i'm so proud that we had the opportunity now to continue her legacy and really rebuild it in terms of bringing it forward to the next generation of young women and girls. we want to make sure we keep that legacy alive. >> of course, you can't mention dr. hite without talking about the hats. >> of course. >> a great leader and a great dresser. >> beautifully. i also want to say she was caring about substance. following our black reunion on september 14th, we'll have a sob substance which will focus on infant moretality in the black community. >> avis, thank you so much for coming in and talking with us this morning. congratulations on the new position and good luck moving forward with the organization. >> thank you very much.
8:22 am
allison, let's go over to you right now. >> i'm so happy that she came in today. 8:21 now on this friday morning. coming up next, why police are searching for a local tie 81 dough instructor. and holly is keeping cool today at ice crystals making ice sculptures, we'll check in with her later here on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. 
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8:24 am
8:25 am
welcome back. it is 8:24. let's look at some of the stories making headlines this morning. a man who misled police in the search for a missing virginia student was trying to get back at another guy. alvin daniels of alexandria called in an anonymous tip saying the man from prince william county was responsible for 21-year-old morgan harrington's disappearance. she disappeared from a rock concert back in october and was found dead in january. daniels was convicted of making the false statement. take a look at this guy, charles smith, jr. , he's a tae quon do instructor wanted for child sexual abuse. he owns global sports tae quon do in waldorf, maryland. smith is accused of soliciting explicit photos from a 14-year-old girl who was a student at the academy. police say he took the girl to his house at least once for
8:26 am
some sort of sex act. if you know where smith is, please call the charles county sheriff's office. a heads up if your weekend plans include metro. crews will be doing maintenance work on the orange, yellow and green lines. expect delays of up to 30 minutes. metro says the repairs will improve reliability and service. work times vary from line to line. it is just about 8:26 right now on this friday the 13th. >> the 13th. >> don't be scared. coming up, we're going to check out some of the fun and mostly free family events taking place around the area this weekend, nothing relate today friday the 13th. >> right. because it's all fun and free. >> and not suspicious. >> not suspicious. also in our next half hour, we're dishing the dirt on "the real housewives of d.c.." we'll take a look at last night's show and all the drama. >> i'm sure there was some. >> there always is in reality tv. fox 5 morning news will be right back. rf t
8:27 am
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8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back. we are hoping that you will also join us on monday morning to learn more about opportunities for you to become a mentor to a young person. even if you just have an hour a month to spare, you can make a difference. folks from several mentoring groups will be here to take your calls and fit you with a volunteer opportunity that we hope will be just right for you. so tune in on monday for "mentoring monday." >> very good opportunity. >> yes, it is. and we also want to show you 24 hours ago we were dealing with some very rough weather. >> trees down everywhere, lots of rain. >> that's all we were talking about. this is one of the first pictures to come out to really show the devastation in the area. you'll remember this, this was the flowers apartment in gaitersburg, maryland where a tree came right through the roof and the two floors there. up to 12 people had to be treated for minor injuries. you see today the tarp is there sort of protecting it. but that building has been -- if i remember correctly from
8:31 am
yesterday, it just has not been deemed safe to live in right now, so the folks there displaced, but really terrible scene yesterday some wild weather. >> there was a lot of that going on in the area. we were in the neighborhood of rock creek park where they had similar situations where these massive trees, giant trees were lying down in people's yards and in some cases on houses, damaged roofs. so when the storm came in, it was short, but it was powerful. >> it was very powerful. >> and dangerous. >> that was in d.c. and that's in montgomery county. tucker joins us now. tucker, we are happy to say we don't expect any of those powerful thunderstorms or weather today. >> not today, allison. we do have some showers across the area and cooler temperatures in the forecast for today. our highs later this afternoon only in the low- to mid-80s. that's one of our coolest afternoons in several weeks. here's our hd radar. you can see there are scattered showers across the area. they've been very persistent here for the last several hours and i guess we want to pick out stronger bands, 95 towards fredricksburg and leesburg, we have he had some -- we've had some shower activity, now a new batch developing north and east
8:32 am
of baltimore. it's not going to rain all day, but certainly the possibility that during the course of your afternoon we could see a few more scattered showers as our weather pattern has changed. our winds are now out of the east and that's going to kind of reenforce the cool, damp air around here for the course of our friday. let's push on. i'll show you the satellite and radar. high pressure across the north off in new england, and this is not a very typical pattern for this time of the year. the winds have shifted. they're now out of the east, what we are call an onshore flow, it's going to hold our temperatures down for the next couple of days. it's also going to give us scattered showers in the forecast. there could be a scattered thunderstorm tonight, but the best chance is showers around for the remainder of the day. temperatures cool, 73 degrees at reagan national. 73 in gaitersburg. warmer to the south, fredricksburg currently 78 degrees. highs later this afternoon, mid-80ed. we'll go 84 in town, mostly cloudy skies, maybe a thunderstorm. a lot of humidity around today with winds out of the east at 10 to 15 -- 10 to 15 miles per
8:33 am
hour. you got weekend plans, generally nice, mid-80s for highs. more than sunshine tomorrow. some scattered thunderstorms could be returning by sunday and monday of next week with highs early next week getting close to 90 degrees. all right, guys, that's a look at the forecast. i'll throw it back to you at the desk. >> thank you so much, tucker. you know what? thank goodness it's friday. >> t.g.i.f. >> if you're still trying to fill you up your social calendar this weekend, you're in luck. >> i think you're in luck because paul is in studio with us. he always has fun event taking place around -- fun events taking place around down. >> usually i have a song i kind of explain to you how it's core lated to the event --cor lated to the events, but today is a quiz. i'm going to play the song. low riders. listen to my events, listen to the song and there's going to be a quiz at the end to make the connection. so here is my first event, it is the safety day at the national museum of crime and punishment
8:34 am
going on this saturday from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. the goal of the event is to help keep kids safer online and in the real world. they will offer safety tips for kids and have fun giveaways in addition to their normal exhibits. during the day, kids under 12 are free and all other tickets, get this, half off. all you need to do is you need to make sure when you go buy the tickets you say safety first. in maryland this week is the rose hill day festival. happening sunday at the rose hill manor children's museum and park in fredrick, maryland, there you can enjoy antique cars and an ice cream social. yummy. going on 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. this event is free. and back in d.c. is the nationals baseball family day at the nationals portrait gallery, going on saturday, this event is a great way to get your kids, baseball fans, to appreciate art or the other way around. they will have baseball teams, games, scavenger hunts and kids can get photos and autographs of
8:35 am
nats players going on 11:30 to 2:00 p.m. and it is free. in virginia this weekend, you can travel back in time. the civil war encampment weekend is going on at sully's historic site in shan tilly, virginia. there are civil war reenactors who recreate this historic time period. you can hear live music, a fashion show. be careful, there's battles with the infantry artillery and cavalry during the day. tickets are $7 for adults and $5 for kids. now, i was supposed to go down there and check out the reenactors, learn a little bit more about the event, but with the crazy weather, it didn't happen. but i bet you're wondering what i'd look like as a reenactor. that would be my look. >> nice. i don't think you'd be smiling that much. >> reporter: that might not be a real picture, but that's what i would look like. for more information on all of my events, go to
8:36 am
did you get the song? >> i got it. >> there's two references. >> i got one. >> free and kids is -- >> no. >> that's not it? >> civil war, war low rider. >> boom! i'm impressed. >> that means she's a veteran, a veteran of the news. >> a veteran, okay. >> make the connection. >> reporter: i'll give you both an a for the day. >> i'll take it seeing as how i didn't do anything. >> always good advice for the weekend. thank you. it is 8:36, 73 degrees outside. and on this friday morning, he went to the doctor complaining about a cough and you won't believe what caused it. we've got that story coming up next. and then we want to say good-bye to our friend, kennedy, the weather dog. he's gone on vacation next week. look at his little bright eyes. he'll be back. have a good trip, kennedy, we will miss you. join us next week when we play "where in the world is kennedy." you'll find out where he is going. we look forward to that and look
8:37 am
forward to you joining us on the other side of the break. it's 8:36. 
8:38 am
8:39 am
we're back now at 8:39 with concerns over potential cancer cluster in maryland that may be responsible for sickening hundreds of people. 400 families living within a
8:40 am
two-mile radius of for the dietrich has at least one instance of cancer. people in the area got to sound off at the fredrick county health department's first community meeting on the matter. many are calling on army officials to do more like turn over documents about ground water contamination and aerial spraying of agent orange which was conducted at the fort in the 1940s and 1950s. the county now says it's looking over health records dating back to 1992. this is a story, a shocking diagnosis for a massachusetts man. he went to the doctor with a severe coughing problem and found out it was being caused by a pea plant growing in one of his lungs. >> what? >> yes. several x-rays revealed the spot on the 75-year-old's lungs. he thought he had cancer. but apparently it was just a pea sprout that went down the wrong tube. >> it would be nice if a lot more people could go something like this and come out with a positive result and not the
8:41 am
negative which is so often the truth. >> now, the sprout had grown to nearly half an inch. doctors, fortunately, though, were able to remove it. i still don't understand how that happens. >> wow! >> but it's good they found it. >> that's amazing. >> that is amazing. again, i don't understand it, but it is what it is. he's okay. >> the human body, and he's got a good attitude about it. just about 8:41 now on this friday morning. coming up next, we are dishing the dirt on "the real housewives of d.c.." >> we're going to look at last night's show and look at the behind-the-scenes drama. holly. >> reporter: if you're tired of the heat, i've got a big ice cube for you. actually, i know somebody who can take this big ice cube and make it into a wonderful piece of art because i'm hanging out this morning monaice. we are chilling out live on fox 5. stay with us. 
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welcome back to fox 5 morning news. one way to beat the heat is to hang out in a freezer. a big one. >> a giant freezer. fox 5's holly is doing that in manassas, virginia. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i forgot how fun cold weather can be. look. i can see my breath. it's only follow-up because i know i can walk back outside and go to the pool later. that's how i like to enjoy winter, right? but, actually, it does feel good in here -- in here because it's been such a brutally hot summer. we thought we'd find a unique way to cool off and we are he doing that with the folks from ice crystals. pete is back with me. he's used to hanging out in the freezer all the time. you have your freezer wear on. so we're talking about how you really take this big block of ice and make it into a work of art. how do you get your big blocks
8:46 am
of ice first? >> this is our standard block of ice here. it's 40 inches tall, 10 inches tall and 10 inches deep. a lot of the sculptures we create are a lot larger than this. so i'm going to show you how to fuse ice together and you can try this at home. >> reporter: real quickly, before we fuse it, though, i'm thinking you don't have like a big ice tray to make this big block. how do you get your actual blocks of ice? >> we have machines that have freezer coils underneath and it's a plastic-lined bag and we fill it with water and it takes three days to freeze. >> reporter: so now we're fusing. >> imagine this is a cookie sheet at home and here's some ice cubes out of your freezer. now, i know these are oversized, but it's definitely going to affect how you do it. you take your two ice cubes, rub them on the cookie sheet, you get that layer of water underneath each one and that will become the glue once they go together, it becomes an instant bond.
8:47 am
>> reporter: wow! it's just that easy. >> you want to try one? >> reporter: yeah. okay. do this. how long do you have to do this usually? >> you're ready, you're good. >> reporter: that long. like that? >> yep. >> reporter: and you're froze >> reporter: that's how you do it on a small scale and then you make big blocks of ice that you can make even bigger sculptures when you want to do really, really special things. >> like for fox 5. this is our sculpture chilling with fox 5. it takes four blocks of ice to create this. right now i'm going to go ahead and place this logo on top of the sculpture. >> reporter: and you're going to fuse it together just like we just did, right? >> yes, i am. >> reporter: as you do this, this is andy here. you can hop on up there. >> it's got to start first. >> reporter: and then you hop on. i just want to ask you a few questions because you deliver ice, right?
8:48 am
>> yeah. >> reporter: so what kind of summer has it been for you delivering ice around the nation's capital? >> very hot. >> reporter: it's been hot even for you, right? >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: has it been busier than usual, people going through ice quicker? >> this year has been a little bit busier than last summer and the summers before. but it's been staying pretty constant. >> reporter: i bet. i bet people are buying ice like there's no tomorrow. so that's pretty quick, right? >> yes, it is. >> reporter: but it looks like it's missing something to me, chris. >> it is. it's missing the topper eye sickle which you have the honor of putting on. >> reporter: i have to wait for it to start first, correct? >> correct. >> reporter: hop on. this is like putting the star on the christmas tree, right? it's not going to topple over, is it? >> no, no. you're safe. >> reporter: do i have to spray it first?
8:49 am
>> you can just put it on and then go ahead and spray it. >> reporter: how do you transport this whole thing? >> usually when we build large sculptures in the freezer, we assemble it, make sure everything is correct. >> reporter: that's really interesting. listen, is our website. we have a link to ice crystals if you want to find out more. coming up in the next hour, we're going to talk more about the different types of ice sculptures they do, who's ordering these, how they go about lighting them. but we said we were going to be chillin' with fox 5 today and now you guys know why. back to you. >> holly, thank you so much. well, welcome back to fox 5 morning news, and the drama is building around "the real housewives of d.c." on last night's show there was plenty of salahi bashing. we're doing something a little new. think idol chatter meets the water cooler type of thing. we brought back some old friends to talk about the show. joining us this morning the kristina which will ábgy. we threatened that we might
8:50 am
have you back. this is anna, anna is a reality show -- can we just say that? well, you're a watcher. >> yes. >> you have a strong opinion on things. you're happy you're here with us. of course you know jamie jones, the kitty of the city, wkys back with us for more fantastic opinions and throwing around that big personality of yours. so the show last night, the second installment, what's the overall thought before we look at some clips? kristina, to you. >> i think it picked up in drama, i think we can see the producer's hand playing it in more places and i think the salahis are start to go fall apart. >> yeah, showing some -- >> cracks in the house of cards. >> annie, what did you think, your overall impression now that the second one has come out? >> first of all, i think the first one was sort of mediocre and i think it should have reeled the viewers in. the second one was very good, i thought. it was drama slowly picking up,
8:51 am
we start to see the true colors of people. the salahis are looking phoney like kristina said. cat is showing how bold she is. >> claws. not the kitty, but the cat. >> i feel like stacey is almost kind of getting into the dramatic area as well by doing some of the stuff she did last night. so drama is really picking up which is good. >> which is what it needs to do. >> the salahi's look, mikhail, you call me. it was perfect timing for prepromotion on this. the white house state dinner, they're doing a great job with the drama. the horse sparkle and cat -- >> sparkle? >> yes. >> you no sooner give somebody a pet horse who didn't know how to ride than you'd give someone a manual car who doesn't -- >> and at 44, who really names their horse sparkle? she admitted yesterday that she was 44. >> i must have gone to the bathroom.
8:52 am
[ overlapping talking ] >> we have picked a couple of scenes and we want to show you the first one and it has to do with the salahis. look at this. >> i look forward to trying out some wine from the vineyard. >> what a great day of polo. >> what are we drinking? >> this is a shardonay. >> well done today. [ laughter ] >> okay. well, now what was in the wine glass? beer. and you're, like, huh? what? >> i think this is an early indication the fact that the oasis winery hasn't produced wine in quite a while. it's a nice way to get around it, but it's another part of the salahi's false friends, a winery that has no wine. >> i felt kind of embarrassed in that moment like what are you doing right now? >> i love how linda is saying
8:53 am
mikhail needs to gain weight. >> right. we're going to get to that. >> she's going to blow away with the horse. >> she's very little. >> she's going to fall off the horse, she can't ride. >> speaking of eating, we talkd about stacey a little bit, and being from the area, she is making it a point that she is the one from the area and she happens to be the only african-american. she says you know what? i'm going to invite the girls and go to my aunt francis' house for a good old-fashioned soul food dinner. did all the girls like it? let's take a look. >> hi! how are you? welcome. i'm aunt francis. >> hi, aunt francis. >> how are you? >> i feel like i'm at home. >> you are at home. >> what are you drinking? >> everything i can. >> i'm drinking shots. >> let me just say, is my mic open? okay. what cat was doing was smelling the wine, and now she's
8:54 am
complaining to paul that the wine tastes like it's about 100-year-old, so she's insulting aunt francis. annie, let me ask you this, who does that? >> cat. >> i was really put off by that. >> i'm sorry, if i'm a guest at someone's dinner, i'm not going to say first i need a drink, please which is what she did. >> it's easy to jump to the conclusion that she feels comfortable in the traditionally african-american household. but i think there's also, you know, british culture doesn't generally -- two economic groups don't mix socially, so i think it's more difficult for british people culturally than americans to enter a new environment. >> that's an interesting take because i know from the previews cat was saying that i don't have a racist bone in my body, and it's not that you felt bad, but you did feel -- how many times, though, have we been in a situation as african-american
8:55 am
women, excuse me, girls, for a second, and you're the only one, you don't really feel uncomfortable because it's kind of the norm. >> exactly. >> but when the situation is flipped and i think that's what stacey is trying to say, why would she feel uncomfortable. >> and she's so latent about it. that's what i think is disturbing. somebody like cat, you add some hot sauce and another collarrard green. >> they asked her did you get some. >> she said no. >> when they have dinner at stacey's house with the chef -- exactly. thank you. everyone was turning to her about her husband's job. >> and then she blew it and that's when the tension came in. we got to end it there. kristina, annie and jeannie. next week's shows look good. it is 9:00 on bravo network and, so, you know, see what you think about it. we'll be right back with more. i
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here's a look at the stories we are following. the suspected serial snacker is arrested this morning. we are learning about who he is and his ties to our area. a live report is coming up. two rounds of severe storms roll through the area yesterday. this morning the cleanup continues. we will show you the hardest- hit areas. and it's time for back to school and that means buying school supplies. so i went shopping for you at a couple of big name stores to see where you can get the biggest bang for your buck and the results are coming up later. let's talk about how we mentioned how bad things were yesterday. let's talk to tucker to see how things will be today. >> better guys. >> we are still dealing with rain showers across the area but cooler temperatures in the forecast and generally speaking a much


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